UNATION conference in Odessa.


Odessa is the soul of Ukraine. A city on the beautiful Black Sea, with its own culture, within a culture of resilient Ukraine. Its future as the city is limitless under the right leadership.
The success of the UNATION conference, which was held last Saturday, May 20 in Odessa, is a demonstration to all around the world – Ukraine is ready for FDI and the time to start is NOW!

All speakers called on the Ukrainian government to ease all types of pressure on the business of Ukraine. The new, post-war economy of Ukraine must be driven by business and entrepreneurs at large. The government of Ukraine, at all levels, must be a facilitator of all economic activity.
Cities with an international reputation, like Odessa, must take the lead now in transformation but the future success of the country as a whole, lies in prosperous municipalities across the country.

Big thanks to all the great speakers and Yan Shapiro for doing all the heavy lifting.
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