One does not need to be an economic expert to see a great deal of change from early days of the war: from traffic in the city to thousands of visitors to event on Tuesday, May 16. Ukraine is rebuilding already!
Once again great job Yuliya Chufistova and Mayors’ Club team for great moderation and bringing together mayors from across Ukraine. In mayors, we saw a lot of energy, eagerness to learn, and determination to act.
It was great first stop for Economy of Trust together with the Mayors’ Club and World Trade Center Kyiv in our roadshow across Ukraine to share our vision of the Rebirth of the Nation.

The “Rebirth of a Nation” investment roadshow is a one-day event of a 32-city world tour celebrating 32 years of independence of Ukraine.

We start in Europe, join us:
Rotterdam – June 29th, 2023

This INIVITATION_ONLY event, with 300 top corporate executives from the host country/city in attendance. It provides limited partnership opportunities for selected Ukrainian companies/projects/municipalities to be associated with the historic, exclusive, and highly prestigious world tour of 32 cities.
Special thanks to leaders & teams at World Trade Center Kyiv & Mayors’ Club.
For more information please visit the page “World Tour”.
Companies across the world are realizing that Ukraine has all the ingredients needed to become a global economic power. $1T is expected to be invested in Ukraine over the next 5-7 years. It is a massive economic opportunity to make a massive impact when its most need it.

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