EoT Global’s vision of the new economic model for Ukraine.


It was privilege to be on the stage at National Press Club in Washington DC. It’s a place full of history. And it was an honor to present EoT Global’s vision of the new economic model for Ukraine.
Dozens of speakers were on stage yesterday. Great speakers, great technologies, and great companies. SMART homes, buildings, cities, healthcare, and many more, are all dealing with one major problem – legacy infrastructure.

Ukraine has no legacy issue. Ukraine has a massive opportunity for any company to demonstrate the full capabilities of their technologies done right, instead of trying to retrofit the “old stuff”. It will showcase any technology or product to audiences around the world.

Ukraine, our country, now has a historic opportunity to leap-frog 32 years of mismanagement to become a global leader in many industries.

We will build Smart Cities, all over Ukraine, fully integrated from data infrastructure to citizens’ quality of life! Many SMART cities in Ukraine will make Ukraine the first truly SMART country in the world.

Special thanks go to the great people of Smart City Council – Corey, Connie, Jerry and many more. Grateful to Alfred Roth & Irina Roth, founder of Depsol Technologies & colleagues at Rebuilding Ukraine Agency for their support.

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