When will the war be over?


When will the war be over? We do not know, but not soon enough. One way or the other we are not waiting. We are going to meet investors and strategic partners where they are! We already started.
Without education, there will be no economic recovery much less growth.
Honored to was a speaker at BETT and present top leaders in the global education industry. EoT Global Inc. had present transformational educational model for Ukraine.

Let’s be real, without education there will be no economic growth in Ukraine. The country needs bold and transformative action. Here are the four guiding principles for the education of the future applicable from daycare to professional certification:
1. Adaptation.
2. Challenging Fun.
3. Content Diversity.
4. Data-driven Customization.

It was a great opportunity for me and Igor Plokhov to present EoT Global Inc.’s vision of educational transformation in Ukraine at the annual BETT conference https://www.bettshow.com.

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