World Trade Center Kyiv partners with CILA Labs to accelerate tech startups in Ukraine


 World Trade Center Kyiv (WTC Kyiv) announced today its partnership with CILA Labs to attract and launch a new wave of Ukrainian startups. CILA Labs is an American-based technology incubator that partners with entrepreneurs to reduce barriers to market and build technological solutions at cost.

Within the agreement, WTC Kyiv will introduce Ukrainian tech-startups to CILA Labs, secure local partners to run business operations in Ukraine, and introduce channels of distribution, potential clients, suppliers, and investors. CILA Labs will provide funding, technology solutions and business development support. The commitment from both CILA Labs and WTC Kyiv is to attract and establish a consistent deal flow of technology start-ups across industries and geographies.

“I am thrilled that CILA Labs and its founder Jared Yellin recognize the enormous talent and opportunity being created by Ukraine’s highly skilled entrepreneurs,” said Henry Shterenberg, President, WTC Kyiv. “This agreement introduces CILA Labs’ unique innovation ecosystem to Ukrainian startups and I know it will be a great success.”

CILA Labs’ unique approach to partnering with startups in software development is based on radical transparency and trust—values that align with WTC Kyiv’s development of a new investment mechanism in Ukraine called the Economy of Trust. The agreement was signed via teleconference in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Henry Shterenberg, President of WTC Kyiv, and Jared Yellin, Co-Founder & CEO of CILA Labs.

“I am personally overjoyed by the partnership between CILA Labs and World Trade Center Kyiv. What Henry and the team are doing will revolutionize Ukraine, and being part of this mission is inspiring to say the least. I see thousands of tech companies successfully launching because of our efforts, which will make a massive impact in the world,” said Jared Yellin, Co-Founder of CILA Labs.

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World Trade Center Kyiv is an independent organization bringing together business, industry, public agencies and municipal representatives to reignite the economy of Ukraine for the prosperity of all its citizens. WTC Kyiv is a member of the World Trade Centers Association, and through its network connects Ukrainian businesses to international financing, strategic partners, and channels of distribution. WTC Kyiv is creating a transparent and accountable investment mechanism that connects investors to reliable partners—an “Economy of Trust” for Ukraine. To learn more, visit:

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CILA Labs helps create, innovate, launch and accelerate technology ideas. Founded by Jared Yellin and Mani Soundararajan with the ambitious goal of launching 10,000 new businesses in 10 years, CILA Labs aims to disrupt the software development industry by making it filled with integrity, honesty, success, and high-quality, legendary products. To learn more, visit

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